A Coffee Lover's Review of Keurig® Coffee Makers at Costco®
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Costco Keurig Review

Hi, I’m Tom Adams and I love coffee. Strong coffee. My daughter has been raving about her Costco Keurig machine for months, and after hearing her sing its praises over and over, I finally stopped by Costco and grabbed my own Keurig Single Cup Coffee Brewing System. I have to say, I’m an immediate convert!

I love my Costco Keurig Coffee Brewing System!

I like strong, dark coffee. My wife typically prefers flavored coffee and other fancy coffee drinks. Since we both have such different tastes in coffee, it never made sense to brew a whole pot of coffee at home every morning, so instead we’ve been spending over $100 *per week* on coffee at Starbucks! When I realized just how much we were spending, I knew it was time to pick up a single cup coffee maker.

Want a Keurig? Costco has the best deal, hands down!

Although there are literally dozens of brands and types of single cup coffee makers, I’m a big Costco shopper, so when I saw the Costco Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Coffee Brewing System display and did the math, I realized this thing was a no brainer! At less than $200, we’d pay for this thing in less than 2 weeks, and since it came with 60 Keurig pods (known as K-Cups in Keurig vernacular), we’d be saving $50 – $100 per week for every week after that! (As many of you probably know, Costco loves to give out free samples and it just so happened that that a Keurig Costco booth was setup and giving out samples of two of the different Costco Keurig coffees the day that I was there looking at machines!)

250 Coffees, Teas, Hot Chocolate and Iced Beverages!

Single cup coffee makers definitely make a ton of sense, and the Keurig brand seems to stand above the rest. Keurig uniquely offers over 200 varieties of coffees, as well as teas and hot chocolates (my wife LOVES the Keurig hot chocolate!) and even has Keurig pods specifically for brewing iced beverages. Our Costco Keurig B70 brews hot coffee or tea in just under 60 seconds, so it’s way faster than brewing a traditional pot of coffee, and this model brews in any of 5 different cup sizes, although I always find myself brewing the largest cup available. Better yet, there’s no mess to clean up, all you have to do is throw away your used keurig pods and you’re done! (Ok, every once in a while, the drip tray fills up with water and coffee that splashed out during the brewing process, but it only takes about 5 seconds to rinse it and replace it.)

Our favorite Keurig pods available at Costco

Of course they have Keurig pods from Starbucks, but we’ve also discovered a ton of other good coffees and teas available in K-Cups from both our local Costco and shopping Costco online. Personally, I like the Newman’s Own Special Blend and Tully’s Frech Roast Blend, and my wife tends to prefer the Green Mountain Coffee Hazelnut Blend or the Donut House Blend, all of which are available at our local Costco. What makes the Costco Keurig deal even better, however, is that it comes with a Keurig Costco Reusable Coffee Filter, which I can use to brew my own coffee whenever I choose! Sure, it’s much easier to throw a Starbucks or Caribou Coffee pod into the hopper and get good coffeehouse coffee at the push of a button, but every year when we come back from Hawaii with a bag of heavenly Kona beans, you can bet I’ll be brewing my own java at home until every last bean is gone!

*Update: We’ve recently found a source that ships 100% Kona Coffee beans direct to our house, super cheap! It’s called Koa Coffee, and boy it is delicious! Every morning, we grind up a fresh batch, scoop it right into our Keurig Costco Reusable Coffee Filter, and within 60 seconds have a cup of coffee that reminds us of sitting in a hammock on the lanai at our Maui timeshare! :) Bonus: for readers of this site, Koa has allowed us to extend this special deal: you can save $10 on their Kona Coffee Triplepack.

Suffice it to say, I’m now a huge fan of the Keurig® brewing system. In fact, I am so in love with my Costco Keurig machine, I setup this site to help other coffee lovers find a good, unbiased review of what I believe is the best deal on single cup coffee makers anywhere to be found!

Please browse around the site for other tips on how to use, clean and descale Keurig coffee makers, and please Contact Us if you have any comments or suggestions!

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