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Keurig Pods

One of the best things about Keurig Coffee Brewing Systems is their use of individually sealed coffee (or other beverages like tea or hot chocolate) in Keurig pods, otherwise known as K-Cups.

Gourmet Keurig Pods

The Keurig pods are small, single-serving cups containing gourmet ground coffee to keep them fresh and flavorful until they’re brewed. There are a huge variety of coffee and tea Keurig pods available from a variety of gourmet coffee roasters, including:

  • Celestial Seasonings
  • Caribou Coffee
  • Dunkin’ ddonuts
  • Folgers
  • Ghirardelli
  • Newman’s Own
  • Starbucks
  • Tazo
  • Wolfgang Puck

…just to name a few!

Because Keurig pods are individually packaged and available in such a wide variety of roasts, blends and flavors,  they’re perfect for individual use (no need to make a full pot of coffee!) or for large families and office with lots of varying tastes.

Keurig Pods and Roast Varieties

In addition to the gourmet brands above, there are several different strengths of roasts available in Keurig pods:

  • Extra Bold Coffee K Cups

Extra bold roasts provide the boldest flavor and are perfect for coffee lovers like me who like strong, black coffee! The extra bold Keurig pods have as much as 30% more coffee than other K-Cups for a richer, fuller flavor (and an extra kick of caffeine)!

  • Dark Roast Coffee K-Cups

Dark roast coffees in Keurig pods are roasted longer than medium roast beans to provide more robust body and a strong caffeine kick. The dark roast pods are the most popular Keurig pods for brewing delicious coffee one cup at a time.

  • Medium Roast Coffee K Cups

Mediun roast Keurig pods produce a typical coffee shop style brew. They are less complex and have a little bit less caffeine than the dark roast, so they’re perfect for any time of day.

  • Light Roast Coffee K-Cups

For those that prefer a light roast Keurig pod, these K-Cups provide just the right amount of flavor without a bitter aftertaste. Light roasts are typically flavorful but not overpowering or highly caffeinted.

  • Flavored Coffee K Cups

If you’re like my wife, you like coffee with a touch of hazelnut or vanilla bean. The flavored Keurig pods are great for dessert or a late afternoon cup and come in a wide variety of flavor combos. Because they’re just flavored coffee grounds, they’re a great way to enjoy a flavorful treat without any calories!

  • Decaf Coffee K-Cups

If you love coffee, but don’t want the caffeine, then decaffeinated Keurig pods are the answer. All the flavor of a traditional roast, without any of the caffeine.

  • Fair Trade and Organic Certified Coffee K Cups

In order to be called Fair Trade, offee must have been purchased directly from coffee farmers or coops for a price that can sustain them at a living wage and ensuring that farming conditions are sustainable. Similarly, organic coffees must be grown in an organic environment without synthetic chemicals like pesticides. The Fair Trade and Organic coffees in these Keurig pods are good for the planet and its farmers, and also taste delicious!

  • Keurig Hot Chocolate K-Cups

Enjoy a delicious and sweet cup of hot chocolate with these ready-to-brew hot cocoa Keurig pods. Made using the finest chocolates in the world and topped with marshmellows, hot chocolate is good for chocolate lovers of all ages!

  • K-Cup Coffee Variety Packs

If you can’t decide on just one flavor, or your household has coffee drinkers with a variety of tastes, K-Cup Variety Packs are the perfect solution. With the variety pack, you’ll get Costco Keurig pods with all of the best flavors to share with friends and family. Also ideal for holidays and entertaining, Costco Keurig pod variety packs offer something for everyone to love!

Styles of Keurig Pods

Some newer Keurig coffee makers (like the Keurig Vue V700 brewing system) use a different style of Keurig pods, known as Vue Packs. Although the K-Cup and Vue Pack Keurig pods look similar, they’re actually different sizes and shapes. Although there are over 250 varieties of Keurig pods in the K-Cup variety, there are only about 40 varieties of Keurig pods available as Vue Packs.

We don’t own a Keurig Vue V700 brewing system, but my wife has expressed interest in the new model because of its two-step brewing process. Because of this process and the special Keurig pods, the Keurig Vue V700 is capable of brewing specialty drinks like cappucinos and other café beverages like you might find at Starbucks.

In addition to special Keurig pods, the Vue brewing system can adjust water pressure, timing and airflow to ensure that every beverage is perfect, and can even create frothy beverages with air-infusion.

Organizing Keurig Pods

Regardless of the Keurig model you choose, you’ll quickly find that having a selection of Keurig coffee pods in the house will help you brew a hot, delicious cup of coffee anytime you want. However, storing and organizing all those Keurig pods can prove to be a challenge. There are a variety of Keurig accessories for storing Keurig K-Cups and Vue Packs, like baskets and wire racks designed for storing Keurig pods. Check out some of these to see which one you like best:

  • Keurig 5060 K-Cup Carousel
  • Keurig 5071 K-Cup Carousel Tower
  • Keurig 5060 K-Cup Carousel, Chrome
  • Breville BKC100K-Cup Carousel, Silver
  • Keurig 5771 35K-Cup Carousel, Black
  • Metal K Basket
  • K-Cup Tree
  • Mini K-Cup Carousel in black or red
  • Keurig K-Cup Wire Rack

In the end, no matter your coffee preferences, it should be obvious that there are Keurig pods for just about everyone. From Fair Trade to Organic, and Extra Dark to Decaf, you’ll love brewing coffee in your Costco Keurig machine after each and every cup!

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